A  2016 Deposition of Virginia Roberts Giuffre has now come to light, in the wake of the death of Jeffery Epstein. 

Virginia Roberts Giuffre (now age 36) claimed in the deposition that she was forced to have sex and perform sexual acts for a long list of A-list male clients (Giuffre pictured above with Prince Andrew). Giufrre explains in the deposition how British socialite Chislaine Maxwell groomed her for services.  

(Here’s the complete article: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/jeffrey-epstein-ordered-teen-girl-have-sex-powerful-men-accuser-n1040996)

The interesting thing that we would like parents and gaurdians to understand is that the above photo demonstrates what modern day slavery looks like, and how girls get lured into the industry by responding to job postings for clerical work 



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