Hope Rising is a non-profit, faith-based 501.C3 organization and is licensed by the State of Texas as a Child Placement Agency. Our key people are our founders, Sherri and Shane Clement, who have been actively engaged in the prevention and eradication of sex trafficking since 2012.  Our mission is to provide long-term care and recovery for minor children who have been rescued from human sex trafficking and exploitation.  Hope Rising is committed to instilling hope, offering a future to these girls, fostering wholeness and healing.

As an anti-human trafficking organization, we are active in awareness, prevention, outreach, and recovery. Hope Rising provides certification training to foster parents, caregivers, law enforcement, bio-parents and mentors ensuring that all will have the tools needed to address the child’s trauma and achieve lasting results.

Our History

We started with outreach and education in the first two years of our anti-trafficking work and then added trauma-informed equine therapy for minors who have been sex trafficked after purchasing a 15 acre horse property in Washington, TX.  The success of the therapy program led us to develop a comprehensive after-care program that includes licensing and overseeing of specialized foster care.  We recently added an Assessment Home which allows us to begin helping at the point of rescue. Our goal is to provide care and support for sex trafficked minor children from the time that they are rescued until they are 18 and beyond, if the child chooses to continue in our program after aging out.  Our transitional living program is in the process of being developed, but our license allows us to keep the girls until they are 22.

Hope Rising is a 501.C3 Non-profit Organization.