Become a Specialized Care Foster Parent

Foster Parenting for Specialized Care

What it Takes

Hope Rising will provide a list of minimum requirements at our informational meeting. The requirements include financial stability without the foster care income that you would receive for the care of the children, having an adequate home size, passing a background check, completing preparation training including the 4 day Hands that Heal Certification Training, and completing a Home Study evaluation.

The Benefits

Being a foster parent to children who have survived sex trafficking, exploitation and abuse is not for the faint of heart. It requires a calling and a commitment. The joy comes when you see the broken and battered girl transform into a woman who knows her worth and purpose and become the person she was meant to be. We train foster parents how to use trauma-informed care to help the children in their care push through the pain and anger and achieve lasting recovery. Hope Rising also provides ongoing trainings, respite care and wrap around services. There is immediate access to an on-call case managers for emergencies. Foster children receive free medical care and therapy, and foster parents receive a daily reimbursement to help pay for their foster child’s living expenses.

It Takes a Village

Hope Rising strives to give every foster child an environment that is by God’s design, a family that is nurturing and encouraging, but that also helps to build their character using Biblical principals. We understand that life in general can be hard and confusing to navigate, but add to that layers of trauma, neglect and abuse and life can become chaotic and painful. Our homes and wrap around services allow many individuals to become part of the child’s support structure. We provide safe mentors, tutors, life skills coaches, music therapy, art therapy and equine therapy. Most of all, the child gets to experience the unconditional love and commitment of a Christian family, and the support and encouragement of a church community.

Foster Care is a Ministry

If you feel called by God to do this work, are passionate about ministering to these girls, please fill out the interest form to begin the vetting process or if you just want more information.


Next  Step

Hope Rising  holds monthly foster care/adoption informational meetings. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the foster care system and to have all your questions answered.  Contact us for dates and times.

  • Complete an application
  • Criminal background check
  • Attend specialized care training and foster parenting trainings required by the state.

Part-Time Fostering

When our foster parents have a family emergency, need personal time, or just need a break, they depend on Respite Providers to provide short-term care for their foster children. It’s simple to become a respite provider: